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PI365 uses the most current affiliate marketing technology and strategies that Shawn is practicing right now that are proven and repeatable. You’ll be using our proprietary software to run your business all in one place while generating life-changing income
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You can do this from anywhere on the planet with just an internet connection. Jump on to network with other members from all corners of the world. Love to travel? Experience the most portable income model you’ll ever see with PI365.

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With PI365, you’re never alone. We got your back. Between the bi-weekly LIVE calls we do together, you get 24/7 support, coaches, teams and a highly engaged Facebook community where you can get answers to any questions practically around the clock.

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Our students have proven it. Most of our members with top results are total newbies. Why do newbies get the most results? Because they did not come with any preconceived ideas from past failed experiences but simply follow instructions. If you can follow simple click-by-click instructions, you can do this..

Measurable Results In Minutes A Day

PI365 is created for full-time working adults, students or stay home moms/dads to work ‘on the side’ while juggling busy work and family schedules. All it takes is no more than 30 minutes a day to start seeing
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World-Class Trainings & Shortcuts Included

You deserve the best for putting your trust in us. You get access to the best tools available - ALL INCLUDED within your personal access. From the DFY integrations to tracking and conversions softwares we provide, the only way not to make money is to not show up.

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Perpetual Income 365 Lifetime Access (Worth $547/year)

This cost $47/month to the public, but if you are still on this page, you qualify for this ONE-TIME lifetime access for the entire ALL-IN-ONE, DFY affiliate marketing software where 95% of the heavy lifting is done!

Every single integration is easy with step-by-step breakdown from start to consistent profits.

No stones unturned, A-Z system for you to copy, paste and get results.

Proprietary Email ATM Software (Worth $997)

NEVER write a single word ever.

Our proprietary Email ATM software removes content writing and product research entirely. With over 400+ in-built DFY email swipes and pre-selected top 10 products, you are ready to start monetizing every single 365 days of the year!

Nothing comes closer than a virtual “live-like” ATM machine that spits cash into your accounts with 3 simple steps.

Social Viral Money Machine (Worth $297/month)

No capital to start? Don’t sweat it.

With our state of the art bot, you can now turn your Facebook profile into a sales funnel and make recurring commission with FREE viral traffic!

Don’t become a pushy ‘salesman’ on Facebook and lose friends, but start adding massive value by giving out free accounts and training with no money down, and watch your perpetual income grow day after day with our proven formula...

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Click 5 buttons in your software and activate a string of codes that induces your readers to willingly surrender their wallets to you!

Perpetual Asset Multiplier (Worth $597)

How does multiplying your income sound to you?

With Perpetual Asset Multiplier, you’re NOT limited to just 2 money pages like the basic members. As an elite member, you will get access to UNLIMITED DFY money pages and choose from 25 beautifully designed templates.

With more pages, you’ll be able to increase your income multi-fold as you run traffic simultaneously to them.

Partnership Licencing Rights (Worth $497)

Get INSTANT authority and social proof even before you start.

Position yourself as an authority by leveraging on me and the success of others to generate DFY commissions, ALL with just one-click!

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"After 4 and a half months I generate almost $14,000 as for customer and affiliate marketerand another $6000 in commissions by marketing other affiliate marketing program."

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"Do it what make the most of it, everything is there you just need to use it."

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Fast Action Bonus

Fast Action Bonus #1

Paid Community Of Like Minded Individuals (Worth $297/month)

We got your back! Ask your questions and share your success with us. We have a community of like-minded people who will be there to help you out along your journey to financial freedom.

Fast Action Bonus #3

DFY Web Hosting & Domain (Worth $297/year)

Skip the hassle of setting up buying hosting and domains. Creating your site is difficult enough, let alone integrating them with everything else. Let us do the heavy lifting and host everything in ours for you!

Fast Action Bonus #5

Email Broadcaster (Worth $197)

As a marketing beginner, getting to understand one software is already tough enough! Having to learn how to log into your autoresponder and integrating the whole thing makes it even tougher to get things right! We have created the functionality for you to send out email broadcasts using our own proprietary software where you can control all in ONE place.

Fast Action Bonus #7

Content Fountain (Worth $97/month)

Want unlimited content? With a content fountain, you’d be able to spin fresh contents with ANY existing email copies. Simply copy, paste and spin! Easy peasy.

Fast Action Bonus #9

Fully Redeemable Reward Points (Worth $1,997)

Get rewarded for the actions you take! We are not here just to equip you with the best affiliate marketing tools, but to also reward you for reaching certain milestones and for your effort! Wanna know a secret? These points could eventually be exchanged for solo ad traffic from yours truly, absolutely FREE!

Fast Action Bonus #11

High Ticket Commissions (Worth $2,497)

We don’t just make money as an affiliate alone! Whatever your referral buys in our members area, be it solo ads from us or ANY products from us, you get paid! This also includes any high-ticket sales that were purchased through your lifetime affiliate link!

Fast Action Bonus #2

Bi-weekly Masterminds & Ask Me Anything Sessions (Worth $997/month)

Every bi-weekly, I’ll be coming on LIVE to share the latest marketing tips and hold “Ask me anything” sessions on zoom calls for you to ask your questions away. Stay updated and never fear missing out on the latest online strategies and tactics ever again!

Fast Action Bonus #4

30-Days Professionally Written Automated Emails (Worth $1,499)

Don’t waste precious time trying to write emails that don’t convert. Let us do the writing for you. We hired top-grade Agora copywriters to write all your follow up emails for maximum conversions. Sit back, relax and watch your full month’s worth of emails do the selling for you!

Fast Action Bonus #6

Link Tracker & Spam Box Killer Software (Worth $97/month)

You cannot improve what you don’t track. Stop paying for overpriced link cloaker and trackers. Use our in-house tracker to track your conversions and get out of the spam-box! More mails going into the inbox = more income for you.

Fast Action Bonus #8

Paid Community Of Like Minded Individuals (Worth $297/month)

We got your back! Ask your questions and share your success with us. We have a community of like-minded people who will be there to help you out along your journey to financial freedom.

Fast Action Bonus #10

Auto-Approval To Promote ALL Our Products on Clickbank & WarriorPlus (Worth $997)

Tired of vendors ghosting your request to access affiliate products? As an elite member, you get first-dips into the products we offer on major affiliate platforms! Also, you get to leverage my name to get approved on other vendors’ offers as well through the partnerships I’ve made for my members.

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This is one of the BIGGEST bonuses I’m offering up. If you choose to run paid traffic to your pages, I’ll be matching the SAME number of clicks for your first purchase of your ads! That means if your first purchase receipt is 3,000 clicks to our recommended vendors, I’ll be sending 3,000 clicks BACK TO YOU from my buyer list! Yes, it’s going to cost me money to do this but this is my way to honor you for taking action to ensure a good successful start to your business!


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$997 a year One Time Payment of $697 Only ($300 off)

Frequently Asked Questions - Answered!

YES! As long as you have a functioning computer and internet connection, you are good to go. Our members come from all over the world and range from stay at home moms to students to working adults to retirees! In fact I’m writing this from Singapore in my bedroom and making a good living for over 6 years now from selling affiliate products out of my country!

We’ve got members juggling full-time jobs with young kids and seeing amazing results with us! That’s the whole point of this software. It makes affiliate marketing so fast, easy and efficient you can literally make your first sale in 60 minutes upon setting up! If you are looking for a timeframe, commit just 15-30 minutes a day to send out an email and you’ll be able to see incredible results! If that is too much to ask for, then this is not for you and the casino might seem like a better option.

If I tell you no, I’d be lying. Like every other business, you need an investment to start. But the DIFFERENCE in this case is - this investment could come in forms of TIME, EFFORT or MONEY! For all businesses, we usually need a little monetary investment for traffic. However, if you are short on capital, we have created a SOLUTION for FREE VIRAL traffic to be possible within our software. Granted, it’s going to take more time, effort and patience, but it’s nice to at least have the free option available, right?

Absolutely! In fact, about 30% of our members have English as their 2nd language. With almost 95% of the heavy lifting done-for-you, you don’t even need to write a single word! If you could copy and paste, or follow click-by-click instructions, you can run this successfully!

There is absolutely no catch to this. We genuinely want you to experience the freedom the online world could bring you. When I made my first $1 million online, I made it my personal mission to teach this thing in the easiest possible way; even a 67 year old could make it work! As a form of giving back, I took it as my personal responsibility to create something that integrates everything together and made it affordable for anyone with the desire to create a better financial life for their family.

If you are looking for a refund before you even join, then we ask you viciously not to join. The reason behind this is your incorrect mindset. This is the problem why most people fail and we don’t want this to be you. No matter how easy I make this software to be, if your mindset is a ‘try and dabble’ mentality, you will fail. You need to start believing in yourself and look at how others who were once in your shoes were able to make this successful. That said, we do not offer any refunds when you join. Afterall, you get full access to everything and we need to protect our training for those who value them. If you can’t agree to this, I highly suggest you to not hog this spot and give it up to someone who is really committed to making a serious change to their financial future.

Firstly, we cannot guarantee that the results of others will be the same as yours. Results are dependent solely on your efforts, time and investment you put into your business. However, we can guarantee that if you follow our training step-by-step, you will be able to build your very first email list and with a little patience, make your first dollar online with us! Based on our past members’ results, every member who has taken action and gone through our step-by-step training has made their first dollar online. So we’ll leave you to decide if you’d like to give up your spot or join us in creating a better future together!

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$997 a year One Time Payment of $697 Only ($300 off)

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